If you have your own server hardware and would like it hosted in a major UK/European datacentre then co-location is for you. We can offer you secure equipment housing in Redbus, Meridian Gate in London. Your equipment will be housed in one of our temperature controlled data centres, connected to resiliant power and network feeds, and be monitored around the clock by our engineers.

Rack Space Pricing

We charge for rack space per rack unit, known as a U (for a definition click here). We can supply spacing in 1U, 2U, 11U, or 47U quantities, or multiples thereof.








Price - Contact Us



11U - Quarter Rack



47U - Full Rack

We can also accomodate non U specced cases installed on shelves, please contact us for details.

Bandwidth Pricing

Our transit bandwidth can be purchased either by the amount of data transferred or on a 95th percentile basis. All pricing is for full global routes.



20 GB

40 GB

80 GB

Price - Contact Us

160 GB


320 GB

321+ GB

95th Percentile


1-4 mbps commit


5-9 mbps commit

Price - Contact Us

10-19 mbps commit


20+ mbps commit


All prices are per month. Setup price covers installation and a 100mb switch port for each unit installed.

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