Our Network


Our network currently resides within the docklands and USA. Our London housing is currently operated by a Company called Redbus which is the leading name in Datacenter / collocation facilities in Europe. Redbus 2 is located right next to the London Internet Exchange making it one of the best places to be for quality connectivity and low latency.

Redbus provide us with a 100% SLA on both power and air conditioning meaning our servers never have power outages and are always running at their optimum temperature.

At the heart of our network we have a Cisco 6506-E Switch router. This is able to handle 60gbps on the backplane and with the SUP2 processor means we can handle around 4gbps of internet traffic. Dual redundant PSU's and multiple providers mean we can provide some of the best uptime figures available.

We use a mix 3com and HP Managed Layer 2 switches in each rack ensuring each server is connected at a minimum of 100mbit.


All of our DNS and cPanel servers are currently running on dual Xeon 64 bit 3.2 Naconas with 4 gig ram and 2 x 300GIG sata drives ( mirrored for backup ). They are very powerful machines capable of handling all our web hosting clients. They come equipped with a 1000MB network card to enhance network performance.

The next step is to introduce AMD 64 Dual Core 4400 with 2GB of memory to allow even faster processing power. We believe that this step will improve the servers performance even at peak times when the network is busy.

Operating System

All our servers run on the Linux Platform using CentOS Enterprise. This is because CentOS is the most stable collection of innovative software available in the open source world. This allows us to fully customise the install and kernel to give the best performance that we can possibly give. Linux is one of the most stable operating systems available which is why we use it.

Other server providers use Windows, why is that? Well simple, its easy to use, however, we don't look for shortcuts. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality hosting at affordable prices.

A little more....

If your thirst for technical information was not met and you want to know more about our network, or anything to do with our setup then simply, contact us! We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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