SSL Certificates


Getting an SSL certificate means information travelling between your machine and our server is being encrypted. As it happens it's totally unnecessary to have one on this page, but if you're planning on going into e-commerce, or perhaps dealing with sensitive information then you'll need an SSL certificate.

Dedicated SSL

Shared SSL has one aesthetic drawback, the URL isn't your company's. Dedicated certificates solve this. Network Connections uses GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SSL certificates for both our Shared and Dedicated SSL needs.

A brief summary of the benefits and features of QuickSSL Premium Certificates; -

128bit security
Increases buyer confidence
Will be setup the same day as ordered
Compatible with 99% of browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.
Once done you'll have something similar to, you also get a site seal to display on your site.

If you're interested in having a dedicated certificate then you will need a dedicated IP (because you can only have one SSL host per I.P). Below is a brief cost summary.

SSL Certificates




Total Cost


A GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SSL Certificate, valid for 1 year.

100 pa


10 pa


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