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Custom Web Site Design

The Internet can be a powerful tool and is something that cannot be ignored.
Having your own web site can help to sell your products and services either directly through e-commerce or indirectly through advertising. Whether you're interested in an original design for your web site or would like a re-design of an existing web site, Network Connections can help you. Your web design project will be designed and created from scratch for your business in a style appropriate for your specific area or industry.

We ensure that our work is of a high quality with a clean and uncluttered layout.
We design our web site navigation to be uncomplicated so that your visitors will be able to use your site without problems. Our past clients have ranged in diversity from the NHS and Manchester Metropolitan University through to sole traders such as wildlife artist Eric Wilson. Please feel free to browse through some of our work on our clients page.

E-Commerce Web Design

The number of people using the Internet for shopping continues to increase year by year. If the shopper has already decided upon the type of product they wish to purchase, they are becoming increasingly more likely to purchase this from a shop with an Internet presence. If you're looking to expand your business so that you can capture part of this market, we can help you. We have specialist knowledge on setting up e-commerce sites and the associated systems required to take payments securely online.

Catalogue and Brochure sites

Many companies prefer to have a fairly simple brochure-style web site for helping
to sell their products or provide extra information to their customers. It is
important that these companies can be found by new and existing customers
via the Internet. Such sites are often less costly compared to e-commerce sites
but still have a huge importance in establishing a company's online presence. Communications are especially important as many people prefer to use email
rather than the telephone. In today's world, a company without an on-line Internet presence is regarded by many people as not worth trading with.


The following is a rough guide to our prices.

Brochure-style sites from £200.
Online stores from £400.
Site modifications from £10.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing quality web sites and services. This is reflected by our consistent approach to quality management in both the code behind the web site and the overall management of the project. We pay particular attention to W3C specifications and hand-code the majority of our sites in order to ensure that they follow very rigid standards. In addition to this, we also test our sites using different browsers to make sure that none of your visitors will encounter problems. At Network Connections, we strive to make sure that our projects are completed
within you desired timescale, specification and budget.

Ordering your web site

A web design project undertaken by Network Connections will go thorugh the following steps:

Outline quotation - We will provide you with an outline figure as to how much we believe your web site design is likely to cost.

Specification and consultation - We will require you to provide us with as much information as you can about how you would like the site to look (colour, site navigation etc) and an estimated number of pages you expect the site to have. If you like any particular sites, we would like you to provide addresses for these sites and explain what you like about these. We can then produce a detailed
specification of what we will provide, how long we expect the process to take, and also provide a detailed quote for the work. Providing that you are happy with our proposal, we then ask you for a deposit consisting of 50% of the overall costs.

Mockup - We will produce one or more graphical representations as to how your web site may look. At this stage, we value any input regarding likes and dislikes. It is important to note that we will not start work on any site unless ALL the site content has been provided.

Development - Once the specification and the overall layout of the design has been approved, we begin developing the site. This includes any graphical work, coding, script writing and integration testing that will be required.
Testing - A 'Beta' version of the site will be made available for testing at various points during development.

Deployment - The remaining balance for the work is paid and the site becomes live. We then submit the site to various search engines so that future visitors can find your site.

Maintenance and repairs

Do you wish to change anything on your web site but don't have the time?
Does your web site need a makeover?
Is your web site not getting enough visitors?
Does your web site look dated?
Have your competitors developed a new web site that's better than yours?
If the answer is 'yes' to any of the questions above, we can help you. Our minimum charge for web site maintenance is only £10.


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